Welcome to the New (& Very Much Improved) Lookup Ninja

Whilst we originally were aiming to have Lookup Ninja re-launched by 07/06/2021, we’ve managed to do it on 30/05/2021 – massively reducing downtime!

So, what’s new, and what’s changed?

NEW: Frontpage

Our frontpage has completely changed! It’s now more simple and clean:


WHOIS has massively gotten better – it’s gone from a preformatted mess to a lovely HTML box. We’ve even got links working on email addresses and websites!


Again, big improvements on DNS too!

Everything is now neatly organised in tables…


Yes, it sounds mundane, but you can now link to WHOIS info and DNS info at Lookup Ninja – here’s an example:

https://www.lookup.ninja/whois/lookup.ninja for lookup.ninja’s WHOIS, and https://www.lookup.ninja/dns/lookup.ninja for lookup.ninja’s DNS.


  • We have discontinued our API.
  • We have stopped showing affiliate adverts, but may need to re-introduce these.

Final Thoughts

So, that’s it – the new Lookup Ninja! Share your thoughts using our feedback form.